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Dr. Zsolt Nagykaldi, PhD

Associate Professor, Director of Research

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Department of Family and Preventive Medicine

Oklahoma City, OK

Dr. Nagykaldi was trained as a clinical pharmacist and received his Bachelor’s Degree from the Semmelweis University of Medicine, in Budapest, Hungary. He received his international doctoral training in pharmacology and electrophysiology collaboratively from his alma mater and the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City. He practiced pharmacy for a short period and also worked in the field of information technology in various settings, but his true passion for experimental science and medical research brought him again to the United States for a post-doctoral program.

In 2001, he joined the primary care research team in his current Department. Led by his mentor, Dr. James Mold, he worked closely with healthcare professionals throughout Oklahoma to improve the quality and safety of healthcare through practice-based and community-engaged research. He participated in a number of research and quality improvement projects including preventive services delivery, patient-centered care redesign, clinical decision-support, shared decision-making, and the development and implementation of health information technology in primary care settings. He also facilitated the development of public-private partnerships, primary care pandemic preparedness, practice facilitation, and community-engaged, participatory research.

Currently, Dr. Nagykaldi is the Director of Research in his Department. He is also the Research Director of the Oklahoma Physicians Resource / Research Network (OKPRN). He published and presented widely on his work. He is an active reviewer for a number of scientific journals and funding organizations. He has been teaching and mentoring medical students, family medicine residents, Master’s students and Doctoral students, in addition to K-Awardees, to help them develop their own line of scientific inquiry. His current work focuses on the continuing development and implementation of a goal-directed, prospective care delivery approach through e-health assessment, care planning, self-management support, and system redesign in clinical and community settings.

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