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Implantation Strategy

An Implementation Guide for Clinicians

Currently, the healthcare system does what it is designed to do – fix problems and correct physiologic and physical abnormalities. Despite payment system, technologic, procedural advancement, and initiatives such as the Patient-Centered Medical Home and CPC/CPC+, health and care strategies have become uncoupled from the goals of clinicians and patients creating angst and burnout. Clinicians have become more disconnected from the ‘healing’ art of medicine. In addition, studies show that less than half of the population believes the care they receive is excellent. Patients indicate that providers may have their best interest at heart but that the providers do not know what is most important to them in life. Those individuals that are at most risk for death or complications (patients with the highest acuity needs) report they are less listened to by providers and involved less in care decisions. 


Person-centered, goal-oriented care is an evidence-based and researched model of care that helps clinicians choose wisely in caring for people; to look after people as people, not as problems; and to have good judgement for what treatments should be offered’ not what can be offered, in understanding the person’s beliefs and circumstances. Person-centered, goal-oriented care is a framework to address the individual’s health and wellbeing goals while preserving the traditional Values of Medicine – respect for autonomy of the patient, beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice. It reconnects clinician and patient and restores the joy in practicing medicine.


We created a free Guide that offers ideas and suggestions to implement this transformational change. The Guide is a companion to Goal-Oriented Medical Care: Helping Patients Achieve Their Personal Health Goals by James Mold, MD, MPH. that serves as its textbook and prerequisite reading. Contact James Mold, M.D, MPH (  or Scott Hammond, M.D. ( if you have questions or want to learn more about this model.

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